The state accountability system known as “A through F” gives schools and districts a grade based on student achievement, school progress/growth, closing the achievement gap, college, career, military readiness and graduation.  The system is somewhat controversial as it only measures one set of test scores for campuses with grades 3 to 8th grade. Superintendent Andrew Peters has stated for years that he knows schools, teachers and students are more than a letter grade.  Peters stated again this week, “We are more than a letter grade, but we will use the data to help us improve.”

Caldwell Elementary earned a “C”  (75).

Caldwell Intermediate earned a “D”  (61).

Caldwell Middle earned  a “B” (82).

Caldwell High earned an “A” (90).

“We have work to do,” Peters stated, “but we are proud of the fact that our high school earned an ‘A.’ It shows the work that is being done to ensure every student graduates and that each student leaves Caldwell ISD prepared for college, a career, or the military.”

The high school also earned four distinctions.  One each in English Languages Arts, Math, Social Studies, and post-secondary readiness.

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