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Caldwell Education and Leadership Foundation grants awards to several Caldwell I.S.D. teachers

It was a sensational Tuesday afternoon at Caldwell I.S.D. as the Caldwell Education and Leadership Foundation paraded through the halls of each campus to award grant winners. The CELF members were accompanied by the drum section of the Hornet Band playing cadences as the cheerleaders led the big group through each campus where they hand delivered the awards to each individual winner. Each campus was delighted by the theatrics and every winner was thrilled to hear the news. Teachers and educators submitted all grant applications this past October to be reviewed by a committee comprised of individuals not employed by the school district and do not serve on the CELF board. Thanks to these grants, students will be given even more opportunities to succeed inside the classroom.


Often times in the news we hear how education funds are being slashed left and right. CELF has recognized this growing problem and decided to take action. Not only are they tirelessly working to find available funds for Caldwell I.S.D., CELF also ensures money goes directly into the classrooms through teacher grants. CELF awarded over $57,000 in grant money among all four campuses. The CELF team says though not all grants submitted could be funded this time around, they are still looking for other funds to award more grants. If funds become available, the "prize patrol" will be back out in full force.


Each May, CELF brings the community and others together to host a crawfish boil. Grants such as these are made possible by CELF’s major annual fundraiser along with additional efforts. In May of 2019, CELF raised over $50,000 in one evening. Donations also come in throughout the year to the foundation. To learn more about the Caldwell Education and Leadership Foundation, check out their website at


2019-2020 Caldwell Education and Leadership Foundation grant winners:


Alicia Frank & Brook Fraley  $200

Leda Williams  $399.60

Cody Knott  $400

Teresa Toney  $492.

Beverly Lilie  $494.15

Amber Whittier & Sherriton Jones  $229.49

Kristi Kubicek  $400

Cody Knott & Rachell Hall  $3600.

Deanie Gold  $6000

Tammie Novosad  $2099.99

Jessica Smith $1954.70

Bernadette Revilla $9616.50

Jessica Smith  $1348

Kimberly Pagach  $9820.60

Danielle hicks $1199.99

Stephanie Ferguson  $9616.50

Alysia Escalante $9616.50